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Nutrition and weight-loss coaching to keep you going.

Helping you achieve your health goals

I support busy women in finding balance, better health and their best weight - which includes loving their bodies.


I work with you to build a strong foundation based in healthy eating and being active that you can rely on, whatever life brings your way!

Assisting you with:

Women's Health

Pre/post-natal Nutrition


Metabolic Syndrome


Gestational Diabetes

Weight Loss

Mindful Eating

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Alexa Jackson | Dietitian & Health Coach

My Approach

I am an Ontario-based Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator and Health Coach.  As a busy, single mom, I know first-hand how chaotic life can get. 


I believe in using practical and sustainable strategies to improve health, so that you can continue living a big, beautiful life.  My online nutrition coaching services are there to conveniently provide you with the support you need to reach your best health!


Getting Started

Nutrition Package

Figure out your specific nutritional needs and a plan to meet your goal with a 1-hour consultation and a 45-minute follow-up.

Back to Balance:

 Weight Loss Program

Our standout 8 week weight loss and health coaching program exclusively for women.

Most Popular


Nutrition Package

Figure out specific nutritional needs and goal planning with a 1-hour consultation consultation and 3 follow-up sessions.

Find your own package that works best for you. Book a free 15 minute discovery call to find out more and learn about standalone counselling to help YOU reach your goals.


Online Courses

Nutrition & Wellness Solutions to Breakout of Burnout

This 1 hour webinar is for exhausted and over-extended women who want to have more energy and better health! You will learn tangible self-care and health activities to have more energy and thrive again.

Are you in the midst of the mid-life transition?  Are you struggling with "belly fat" or menopause symptoms?  This course provides nutritional and lifestyle approaches to being in your best health after 40!

Sweet Baby:
Diet & Nutrition for
Gestational Diabetes

Have you been recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes?  This course is the place to get started!  You will learn the basics of nutrition, and beyond, to control your blood sugars and stay healthy in pregnancy!  

Back to Balance:
Weight Loss & Wellness Course

  Ready to lose weight and reclaim your health?  This 8 week program will help you lose weight, heal your relationship with food and reshape your life to make health a priority again.

Nutrition for
Women Over 40


Food & Body Confidence Collective!

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What is a Registered Dietitian?


Registered Dietitians have advanced training in Nutrition and Dietetics. They are regulated health professionals, that work under strict practice standards outlined by the College of Dietitians of Ontario.  

A Registered Dietitian is your trusted source of evidenced-based nutrition information!


Currently, private Registered Dietitian services are not covered by provincial health plans (OHIP). Your extended health care insurance plan may cover these services. Please check with your provider to see what coverage is available for you.