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Back to Balance Program:

Journey to Your Best Weight

12 weeks



Do you want to lose weight?

Do you feel like every time you try to change your diet and exercise routines that you end up slipping back into old habits?

Do you have feelings of guilt, remorse or shame when you eat?

Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed and lacking energy?

Are you looking for better balance in your life?

When it comes to your weight and your health, do you feel like SOMETHING has to change?

THIS is the program for you!


My Back to Balance Program is designed for busy, overwhelmed women looking to lose weight and improve their overall health!  


We live busy lives, often caring for those around us.  Taking care of ourselves can easily fall to the bottom of our to-do list. 


Maybe you have been feeling a run down, overwhelmed or indulging a bit more than usual.  You feel like something needs to change, but are not sure where to start. 


It is time to put YOU first and make long-lasting changes!


In this 12 week program you will receive coaching and support from me! We all need good support and I will be there for you throughout this journey.


You will learn practical skills to help you with losing weight and have a healthier life


Weight loss is NOT just about food and exercise.  It is about changing the way you think about food and your body. 


This is NOT a meal plan or a restrictive diet. My program is rooted in evidenced based strategies to lose weight and enjoy better health. We will focus on low glycemic index, plant-focused food choices to help stabilize appetite, and allow you to tune in to what your body truly needs!

You will eat food you enjoy and still have balance!

We are building not only a strong body, but a strong mind!


Integrated throughout will be mindset work to help build body acceptance and greater confidence


This is about making lasting changes! 


THIS is the last weight loss program you will need!


Ready to get started?


Group and Individual Programs available.  Book a strategy call to determine which is right for you and for pricing details.

Did you know that a low glycemic index diet is recommended for people with diabetes and PCOS, and can help to support healthy weight loss?

What Promotes Success?

Access my expertise as a Registered Dietitan! Focus on healthy weight loss strategies that work.


Eating goes beyond nourishing our bodies. Discover mindful eating strategies to promote long-term change.



Coaching to help stay focused on your health priorities to reach your goals. 

that lasts

What is included?



Weekly Virtual Group Sessions

Group training sessions by Zoom, focusing on lifestyle, mindset and problem solving.


Access to Recorded Modules

Each recorded online module goes into details about key steps build better nutrition, habits, mindset and capacity.


Back to Balance Workbook and Tools

Detailed information to refer to during the program, a place to track your progress, and other tools you will refer to!


Food & Body Mindset Mantra Cards

This deck contains 30 unique affirmations. These beautiful messages will be used to help build food and body positivity!


Access to the Private Facebook Group

This exclusive Facebook group allows for sharing and discussion among members between sessions.








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