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90-Day Weight Loss Program for Women


Journey to your best weight.

 Build better health and balance in life, to have weight loss that lasts!

You will learn proven strategies to help build better health and lose weight.

You will develop mindful eating skills and build a positive food and body confidence mindset!

You will receive coaching and support along the way to keep you motivated and empowered, to make this the last weight loss program you will need!

What You’ll Receive When You Join This Training

Weekly Live Sessions

Frequent follow up helps to stay on track with weight loss. Each week you will participate in live coaching sessions with me, tailored to focusing on nutrition, exercise, tracking progress, problem solving and staying motivated!

Back to Balance Workbook and Tools

You will receive your own copy of this detailed workbook, that includes tons of information, activities and exercises to help you stay on track! This isn't just following a meal plan. These activities and exercises will transform your body, mind and spirit!

Food and Body Mindset Mantra Cards


This deck contains 30 unique affirmations. These beautiful messages will be used to help build food and body positivity!


Access to Recorded Learning Modules

Each recorded online module goes into detail about key steps to build better nutrition, habits, mindset and capacity. You will have ongoing access to these recorded modules, so that you can watch them when it is convenient for you.

Access to Our Private Facebook Group

You will have members-only access to the Food & Body Confidence Collective Facebook Group. Throughout the program, additional information, including recipes, videos and articles will be posted. This will also be a forum to ask questions and have engaging discussion with other group members.

Support from a Nutrition Expert

You will have close contact with me, Diabetes Educator and Health Coach, along this 90 day weight loss journey. If you have any individual health or nutrition concerns that you need help with, I can provide you with the support you need!



This is NOT a meal plan or a restrictive diet. This program is rooted in evidenced based strategies to lose weight and enjoy better health. We will focus on low glycemic index, plant-focused food choices to help stabilize appetite, and allow you to tune in to what your body truly needs!



Once we have built a strong foundation in nourishing your body, we will move into mindset and mindful eating approaches. We will work on recognizing self-talk sabotage, and reframing the shame and guilt around our bodies, our health and food, into a positive and empowered perspective.



We want these new healthy habits to continue even after the program is done. We will plan and develop the know-how to stay resilient when it comes to your health and losing weight. We will make sure there is the time and "space" in your life to keep going!

What You’ll Learn In This Training

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Back to Balance Group Program

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Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions (virtual)

Access to 12 Online Recorded Modules

Back to Balance Workbook and Tools

Food & Body Mindset Mantra Cards

Access to Private Facebook Group

Support from other group members working towards this shared goal

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Back to Balance VIP 1:1 Coaching

(Get started whenever you are ready!)


Individualized Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions (videoconference)

Individualized Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions (videoconference)

Back to Balance Workbook and Tools

Food & Body Mindset Mantra Cards

Access to Private Facebook Group

Email support from Alexa along the way

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Here Are Your Questions Answered

Question 1

Where do the live virtual coaching sessions take place?


If you are in the group program, our live weekly coaching sessions will take place over Zoom. You will receive a link to access the Zoom meeting prior to each session.


If you are enrolled in the VIP 1:1 coaching, your weekly sessions will be through videoconfering using a PHIPPA compliant web-based platform.

Question 2

How long are the coaching sessions?


Each session is about 45 minutes, with 15 minutes of Q&A at the end for a total of 60 minutes.

Question 3

Why is this program only available for Ontario residents?


I am registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario, which allows me to provide support and service to residents of Ontario. Other provinces, states and countries, require Dietitians to register with their local regulatory college in order to provide service to their residents. As I am not currently registered to practice via other regulatory colleges, I am only able to work with Ontario residents at this time.

Question 4

How long do I have access to the recorded modules?


The recorded learning modules will be available through a private link, and will remain available to watch as many times as you would like for the duration of the program.

Question 5

Will the coaching sessions take breaks during holidays?


No. In fact since the holiday seasons are often challenging for people when it comes to healthy eating, our coaching sessions will be incredibly helpful for support, planning healthy strategies, and staying on track. Your health is important no matter what time of year!

Question 6

How much weight will I lose?


Each person is unique and will have their own personal weight loss experience. Although I cannot promise a specific weight loss amount during the 90 days, I do commit to supporting you to achieve your best weight and best health during that time.

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