Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food and Our Body: ‘Til Death Do Us Part!

It may seem like a simple statement – the relationship we have with our bodies (aka. with ourselves) is one of the most important relationship that we will ever have.

Yet, how many people “hate” their bodies and struggle to find self-love and self-acceptance?

Many. Oh-so many.

As a Registered Dietitian, with over 15 years in practice, I can say that I have met countless people that have a strained relationships with food and with their body.

Why is it important to understand the relationship we have with our bodies? Because without a strong, caring relationship with our body, it is difficult to achieve the health that we truly desire.

As a divorcee, who also loves learning about and doing the “inner work”, I have also had a lot of experience learning about how to have healthy relationships.

I have also learned a lot about dynamics can get I the way of having a healthy partnership. It is amazing how many parallels there are between the romantic relationships and having a healthy relationship with food and our bodies.

We are all inherently deserving of good health. However, some of us were not modeled healthy relationships when we were young… both in love and with food. Now as adults we are responsible for changing the habits and behaviours that don’t serve us well.

Recognizing that you have a strained relationship with food and your body isn’t a bad thing. In fact, having that awareness gives you the opportunity to heal, grow and move forward in the healthiest way possible.

To better understand our relationship with our body and with food, let’s look at some of the similarities to having a healthy romantic relationship.

Spending time together

One of the first things that my marriage counsellor said when we started going to counseling was “you can’t have a relationship with someone you don’t spend time with.” Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?! But, let me ask you… how much time do you spend devoted to your health or your body everyday? How much time do you spend giving it the attention it deserves?

Whether it be through setting out time to exercise, time to meditate, or time to prepare healthy meals, there are lots of ways to spend time with your body and with your health.

However, in our big busy world, how often do you give up this time for other seemingly “important” things like work, going out or doing something for someone else. Yes, there are real reasons why we may have to prioritize our time on other things, now and then. But when this happens over and over, on an almost daily basis, our bodies stop giving back. That’s when we feel exhausted and burned out.


Communication is key! Healthy communication involves honesty, trust and vulnerability. Communication allows us to develop closeness and companionship with another person.

You many be thinking “I am supposed to talk to my body?” Well… sort of…