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Mindful Eating During Mayhem

Virtual Workshop

A Focus on Emotional Eating & Meal Planning for Burned Out Women

Sunday January 23, 2022 at 3:30PM-5PM EST

Registration fee - $27

Whether you are a mom always on duty, working a demanding job, or both...

A global pandemic and ever changing routines have only added more stress to the lives of busy women!

Do you struggle with stress eating or emotional eating?

Maybe you find your self reaching for food more than you ever have before?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with meal planning and prep?

Do you find it hard to keep focused on healthy food choices?

If answered yes to any of the above, this workshop is for YOU! 

Stress, anxiety and disconnection can be some of the many triggers for emotional eating.

We may not be able to escape the stressors, but we can learn ways of approaching food and meal planning to create more ease and self-compassion.

You will learn:

To use mindful eating to regain a feeling of control around food.

To create awareness around your eating behaviours, and how to distinguish between physiological and emotional hunger cues. 

Simple yet healthy menu planning to set you up for success and fall back meal ideas for when it all starts to "fall apart".

You will also be provide with my digital

Mindful Eating & Menu Planning workbook

as part of the workshop!

Ready to join us?


Thanks for registering for the workshop. See you there!

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