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Nutrition for Better Energy

Discover how to use nutrition to help fix fatigue!


Are you feeling exhausted, drained, or lacking energy, both mentally and physically?


Do you find you often hit a mid-day slump, or your energy level crashes?

Grabbing for coffee to get you through your busy day?

Burnout and fatigue can have a HUGE impact on your day.


Whether you are a busy mom on-the-go, a working professional or retired, being tired all the time is stopping you from doing the things you want to do!

It's time to...

Feel more energetic!

Have more vitality! 


Feel like YOU again!

It's time to feel RENEWED!

Did you know that over 50% of Canadian adults report feeling tired often?


Google searches for the phrase "Why am I tired all the time?" have been at their highest in 2021.


Burnout and fatigue reduce mental capacity, attention span and focus.


Physical exhaustion leaves us feeling weak and lethargic.

Poor sleep, depression and stress are usually considered first when someone says that they are tired.

But you may not be feeling particularly sad, depressed or stressed... just tired.


Nutrition also has a big impact on our mental and physical energy levels! 


Think about it!  The main reasons we eat is for energy!

Food is medicine” and we can use it to help fix fatigue!


RENEWED is a unique online learning program, that takes you through the steps to improve your eating and nutrition to maximize the energy we get from food!

You will learn:

Renewed Nutrition Program

How and when to eat to stabilize your blood sugars and have more consistent energy across the day.

How to eat to curb cravings to stay full for long, so that you can avoid feeling hungry and distracted.

What nutrients to focus on in your diet to help with both physical and mental fatigue.

RENEWED:  Nutrition for Better Energy is an online course to help get the most out of everyday food choices. 

Let's use nutrition to keep feeling good all day long!

Alexa Jackson Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Ontario Canada


My name is Alexa Jackson. I am an Ontario based Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator & Health Coach. With over 15 years of practice, I focus on helping women live in their best health.


RENEWED was created based on unexpected feedback I received from women going through my popular 8 week weight loss program.  I kept hearing the same thing from these women, soon after starting the program.  It wasn't about their weight loss... it was that they were feeling better - more energy, less "brain fog" during the day, and less hungry between meals.  

Renewed Nutrition Program

How is this course different?

Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated!  In this course I have included straightforward practical tips to help you eat better. 

There is no list of foods to "avoid" or detailed "meal plan" to follow.  Let's face it, not everyone likes the same kinds of food!  That is normal. Instead, what I show you is how to adjust your eating routines and food choices to get the most out of what you put in your body! 

You might be thinking "I am so exhausted, how I am going to find time to take on a course like this? I hear you!  Each recorded module is under 30 minutes, but chalked full of great information (let's not forget the summary guides, worksheets and recipes, too!).  The information in each module builds on the last one as you progress through the program.  That way you can start to make healthy changes from day one, and still move through the modules at a pace that works for you!

Renewed - Nutrition & Eating For Better Energy Online Course

Module 1

Understanding Physical & Mental Fatigue

Maximizing Energy from Food

Is it a Blood Sugar Imbalance?

Module 3

Nutrients Associated with Energy & Fatigue
Energy Igniting Recipes

Module 2

BONUS Modules!


To add to the journey of improving your health!


5 Day Health Reset Program

Includes the health reset workbook and daily videos to help transform the way you look at making changes to your health! By the end of the 5 days, you will feel energized and empowered to start living in your best health!




Menu Planning for Healthy Eating

In this mini course you will learn the step by step process of creating your own weekly meal plan. You will receive templates for your weekly menu plan and easy-peasy grocery list, to use over and over again!



Are you ready to get started?

*All sales are final. No refunds will be given. This course is for educational purposes and does not substitute for individual medical advice.

Sign me up!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

That depends on you and how eager you are to learn!  Overall there are 5 core modules and over 90 minutes of recorded content to watch, plus the bonus modules.

How long do I have access to the course?

When you register, you receive access to the online course portal for 1 year.

Do you focus on a specific diet?

This course does not recommend a specific diet, nor does it provide a meal plan to follow.  The information in this program is presented in a way everyone can use the information.  Whether you eat meat or are plant-based, you will be able to use the information easily.

Alexa Jackson RD
Dietitian & Health Coach
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