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Preparing Healthy Food
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For those struggling with emotional eating.

Go from feeling chaos to feeling in control around food.

Next Session Dates:  TBD

Empowered Eating

Do you feel shame and guilt about eating or your food choices?

Do you find yourself labelling foods as "good" or "bad"?

Have you ever found yourself anxious or feeling out of control around food?

Do food choices or the desire to lose weight consume your everyday thoughts?

Are you struggling to make changes to your diet or health, only to easily slip back into old habits?

Our relationship with food and our body is complex.


This relationship is deeply rooted our individual experiences.


Years of dieting and judgement from others about your eating habits or body weight can leave deep wounds. 


These wounds make it hard to move forward and live in your best health.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way anymore!

It's time to...

Release shame and guilt!

Feel food freedom!​

Find your vitality again!

It's time to discover Empowered Eating!

Emotional eating is the tendency to overeat as a coping mechanism for regulating and reducing negative emotions, such as depression, anxiety, and stress.  For those struggling with emotional eating, it can be hard to distinguish between the need to soothe these feelings, from physiological hunger.

Dealing with emotional eating can feel like being out of control at times.

Emotional eaters are more likely to consume foods high in fat, sugar, and calories in response to negative emotions.

As a result, emotional eating can lead to challenges with other health issues and weight gain...


...which only perpetuates this cycle of shame and self-judgement.


To help truly heal the relationship you have with food, with eating and your body, we need a unique approach!


Empowered Eating integrates mindfulness, self-awareness, balanced nutrition to fuel the body, create connection and to heal your relationship with food.

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Program Outline

In this 4 week virtual group program, you will be lead through the healing journey.

You will learn:

How to eat to nourish your body in a balanced way and satisfy your physiological hunger.

To create awareness around your eating behaviours, and how to distinguish between physiological and emotional hunger cues. 

To use mindfulness and mindful eating techniques to help soothe and nourish the body in healthier ways.

Each week we will meet as a group virtually through Zoom!

Next Session Dates:  TBD

Week 1

What is your "Eating Attachment Style"?  Discover the steps to move from an "Anxious" or "Avoidant" style, towards a "Secure" Eating Attachment style.

Week 2

Nurture a new mindset around food!  Reframe the shame and Recognize the self-talk sabotage.  Begin understanding your relationship with YOU!

Week 3

Start retraining the brain through mindfulness and mindful eating techniques.  Learn how to always know you are taking a "balanced" approach to you health.

Week 4

Develop sustainable strategies to prioritize your health.  Recognize where you are abandoning your own needs and learn how to set clear boundaries to protect your health!

Along with the live sessions, you will have access to additional recorded video modules to expand on your learning!  

Modules Topics Include...

Nourishing Your body with Whole Foods

Using the Glycemic Index to Curb Cravings

Menu Planning for Balanced Eating

Understanding Emotional Eating

Understanding and Using Mindful Eating

Prioritizing your Health

Setting Boundaries to Protect Your Health

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My name is Alexa Jackson. I am an Ontario-based Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator & Health Coach. With over 15 years of practice, I focus on helping women live in their best health.

I created this program because through years of helping women lose weight, I recognized that weight gain is usually a symptom of stress and overwhelm, not a lack of "willpower" or good knowledge.  To have weight loss that lasts long-term health, we have to address these core issues.

As a trauma-informed practitioner, I understand how emotional eating and body confidence may be intertwined with past trauma.  Whether you have struggled with c-PTSD or have simply had upsetting experiences with past weight loss programs, my priority is to provide a safe, judgement free space to work on your health.

Fruit and Granola

How is this program different?

The weight loss industry right now is polarizing...

On one extreme are intense diet and weight loss programs.  They mainly focus on one singular goal, often overlooking the impact of restrictive diets on mental health and quality of life. 

On the other extreme is the anti-diet, anti-weight loss movement (sometimes under the umbrella of "body positivity" or "health at any size").  This movement is rooted in improved mental well-being and self-acceptance, which is great!  However, as it generally rejects weight loss, it may shame women for still having the desire to lose weight along with improving their relationship with food.

For some women who struggle with emotional eating, it can be hard to find a safe environment to process their feelings towards food and their bodies.

The "Healthy Diet" Pendulum


I think true healing is when you can find balance - where you are no longer triggered by food, eating and discussions about weight loss.  Where you can be present and aware of your emotions, but they are no longer holding you back from moving forward towards your goals.

Empowered Eating incorporates balanced nutrition, mindful eating and creating a stronger mind-body connection through mindfulness.  In this unique program, we look at food and our body from a new perspective, and take back control of our health!

Are you ready to try a new approach?

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Intense Diet &

Weight Loss Programs

Anti-Diet & Anti-Weight Loss Movement

Finding your Balance!

A place where you can work on your health and weight loss without going to extremes.

What Others Have Said

"I loved Alexa Jackson's Empowered Eating course. The materials provided; the guide and workbook and the journal were very well written and useful. The videos for each week were a great learning tool and a compliment to the journal. The weekly sessions with Alexa with the group were insightful and improved on my understanding of the course.  Alexa sought to diffuse shame or negative emotions around eating, leading to a healthy sustainable approach.  I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to improve their relationship with food."


"If you are looking for meaningful, intentional change in your eating habits in a supportive environment, this is the place for you!"


"I got so much out of the Empowered Eating program, and would highly recommend it to anyone who isn't feeling great about their relationship with food. I've done several well-known weight loss programs over the years, and Alexa's was refreshing, unique, and effective. I learned so much about how food powers my body over the four weeks, and was shocked that after the first session I found I could grab myself a snack without feeling overwhelm and guilt about my choices. It's also amazed me how feeling better about what I'm eating has helped me feel less critical about what I'm seeing in the mirror."


"Alexa is kind, caring and a wealth of knowledge.  She understands the intricate emotional, psychological and social interplay of finding balanced nutrition in today's overly scheduled world."


Image by Kseniya Lapteva

Weekly Live Group Coaching Sessions

Access to Recorded Modules

Empowered Eating Workbook

Food & Body Mindset Mantra Cards

Access to Private Group Messaging

Support from other group members working towards this shared goal

$1200 CAD

Price $397 CAD!*


*$315 USD

Are you ready to get started?

Still not sure?  Book a FREE Discovery Call with Alexa to make sure it is the right fit for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

If I have questions about my personal nutritional needs, can I call or email you?

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer individual advice to program participants due to regulatory requirements. But, I will offer regular Q&A time in the weekly sessions that can clarify any questions you have about the program content.

How long do I have access to the recorded Modules?

Do you focus on a specific "diet"?

When you register, you receive access to the online course portal for 1 year.  Each recorded online module goes into details about key steps build better nutrition, habits, mindset and capacity. You can watch them when it is convenient for you!

This course does not recommend a specific diet, nor does it provide a meal plan to follow.  The information in this program is presented in a way everyone can use the information.  Whether you eat meat or are plant-based, you will be able to use the information easily.

Will I lose weight?

Weight loss can be a side effect of conquering emotional eating, but it is not guaranteed.  If you would like to focus on weight loss, I would suggest checking out the Back to Balance Program.

Alexa Jackson RD
Dietitian & Health Coach
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